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Key Features
Prevent Food Inventory Losses
Our monitoring service is the cheapest way to insure against lost food product—and it helps you ensure regulatory compliance.
Fast ROI
Energy reduction aside, i3 Box pays for itself the moment it prevents the loss of a freezer full of food.
Already Compatible
i3 Box is already compatible with your chiller and freezer units, and i3 Control's sensors work in any extreme condition.
No Single Point of Failure
i3 Control for refrigeration comes with redundant controls to ensure that you don't lose food when a single component has trouble.
Simplest Controls and Charting Tools
Our hardware not only controls and monitors your freezers, but it also controls your building HVAC, lighting, and more.
Multi-Site Control
Whether you have one restaurant or 100, i3 Cloud connects you to all your buildings in one unified interface. Stats, controls, and monitoring.
No Programming Languages
Controls, custom alerts, and custom charting is easy to add to your interface; no advanced programming skills needed.
Customizable Alerts
Our customers know when something needs attention, even when they're not logged into i3 Cloud—because i3 Cloud contacts them wherever they are.
Out of all industries, i3 Control's value shines especially bright in those highly dependent on refrigeration, such as food service and healthcare.

When a cooling unit goes down, an immediate response is vital. i3 Control's solutions are used to detect conditions that indicate a refrigeration failure, and to alert everybody—contractors, managers, owners—to the problem immediately.

And because i3 Box keeps a running log of temperature and humidity conditions by the minute, organizations are able to not just ensure regulatory compliance, but prove it.

Contact us to learn more about our present solutions and new hardware releases slated for mid-2015.
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