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Key Features
Control Everything Easily
Whether using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, our lighting controls are the simplest to configure and use.
Remove Wall Switches
When employees or children shouldn't be turning lights on and off, keep the controls hidden away in i3 Cloud.
Multi-Site Control
Keep your lights and schedules in sync between all your buildings without leaving your chair.
No Programming Languages
Lighting contols and scheduling are set up a gorgeous cloud-based interface in seconds; no coding skills needed.
Lighting Schedules
Keep your building's lights on when they should be, and never when they shouldn't using our cloud-based scheduling tools.
Remote Diagnosis
Use i3 Box's ability to integrate with a multitude of sensors to not only monitor light status, but diagnose problems remotely.
Stop Illuminating in Broad Daylight
When you can't rely on someone to turn the lights off, use i3 Box instead to do the worrying for you.
Fast ROI
Our controls and monitoring have excellent ROI periods, often lasting for less than one year—it's all about the energy and operational cost savings.
The setup couldn't be any easier, since i3 Box can power your LED bulbs directly. And for circuits requiring more power, i3 Box's standard relays interface immediately with any standard contactor panel.
LED Bulb
LED Bulb
i3 Box
i3 Box
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