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Key Features
Advanced Scheduling
Our scheduling gives users the ultimate level of control over both basic and technical parameters.
Remote Diagnosis
When a rooftop unit, chiller, pump, or other cooling element fails, our cloud tools help you know what's wrong
Already Compatible
i3 Box was designed to be compatible with your already-installed air conditioner, heat chiller, cooling tower, and more.
Separate Temperature Zones
Whether using standard air conditioners or complex chilling systems, i3 Control provides the simplest zoning setup and interface available.
Cut Costs
It's not unusual for our users to see even a 50% reduction in energy costs after installing i3 Climate Control.
Customizable Alerts
Our customers know when something needs attention, even when they're not logged into i3 Cloud—because i3 Cloud contacts them wherever they are.
Eliminate Wall Controls
Thermostats are inefficient and give too many people full control. Our HVAC controller eliminates them altogether to solve many problems.
No Programming Languages
Complex cooling settings are adjusted in a gorgeous cloud-based interface in seconds; no coding skills needed.
If you're already using it, chances are we support it. i3 Box has already been used to interface with a wide variety of system types, and compatibility for newer/niche protocols is always being added.

Your existing appliances, analog sensors, and components can stay put. If you have thermostats or an existing climate controller, they can be removed and replaced by i3 Climate Control.

Instead of thermostats, we produce highly precise temperature and humidity readers for indoor, outdoor, and extreme hot or cold situations. Our readers are digital, so you need not worry about drift or offset calculation where distance is a factor.
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