i3 Control is your internet of things
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Markets Served
Our contractors thrive because our products make their customers happy. Ease of installation and the finest user experience help you help your customers.
Food Service
Restaurant owners depend on our alerts to know when a freezer goes down and to keep HVAC and building lighting on at the right times.
Property Managers
Property managers who use our controls reduce energy usage and depend on our monitoring for regulatory compliance, and tend to add us to all their properties.
Business Owners
Business owners rely on us to cut costs, be notified during an emergency, and take control of their operations.
Religious Establishments
Our controls dramatically cut energy usage at houses of worship and other non-profit facilities with large, frequently vacant spaces.
Owners of one or several homes use our controls to reduce energy bills while making everyone more comfortable with multi-zone climate control.
Schools & Universities
Schools can both use our controls to cut operational expenses and to teach students the basics of electrical engineering in a managed environment.
Our cloud-based relay controls, sensor status displays, alerts, and charting tools are the easiest to set up, hands down.
Senior Living
Residents at senior living facilities stay comfortable and operations managers cut costs by centrally managing HVAC and other controls.
About Us
i3 Control was founded in 2013 with one prevailing philosophy: to bring innovative controls to the business and residential markets that had not seen advanced controls before, except in the rare cases when enterprise-grade systems were adopted for small-scale use.

The concept is simple: create systems that solve problems for 90% of the residential and business markets—not 100% of them, because the solution must be simple and cost-effective. Along the way, we found that our systems appealed to owners of smaller properties and larger ones alike. As such, we built our controls to scale to virtually any size, and we continually use feedback to add new features our contractors and end users request.
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